Custom Hat



A Custom Hat For Maddy

Product Info

- One of One Hat

- Size: 23 - USA 7 3/8 - 58.5cm

- 4.5" Crown & 3.5" Brim

- Female Classic Fedora

- Colour: Sand Dune  

- 100% Rabbit Fur Felt

- Features:  This Unique Hat Has Been Designed For Townsville Race Day. It Has A 2" Classic Grosgain Ribbon And Hand Stitched Bow In A Champagne Colour. The Crown Also Has a Metallic Dusty Gold Silk Fabric Wrapped Around The Crown. The Bow Has Been Hand Sewn With Golden Yellow Stitched Detailing And A Vintage Gold Plated Leaf Broach Attached To The Crown. This Hat Also Features A Native Dried Floral Mini Bouquet With An Additional Native Speckled Wild Feather. The Crown Has Been Hand-Shaped Into The Unique Diamond Shape And The Brim is Slightly Flanged With A Quarter Brim-Binding Feature In Champagne Colour To Match The Bow And Ribbon. The Interior Also Has 100% Calf leather Sweatband In Brown Tan And The Lining is 100% Pure Italian Silk Lining in Emerald Green & Orange With A Paisley Pattern.

- Handmade In Australia 

- All Hats Are Made To Order, Ethically, Sustainably And Slowly. Not Mass Produced. No Conveyer Belt Fashion. No Sweatshop Production