Felt Hat



Product Info 

- One of One Hat

- Size: 23 1/8 - USA 7 3/8 - 59cm (Large)

- 4" Crown & 3" Brim

- Unisex Fedora

- Colour: Whiskey Brown

- 100% Rabbit Fur Felt

Features - This Hat Has Been Flame Distressed & Stained Using Natural Ingredients To Add Patina. This Hat Features A 1.5" Two-Tone, Black & Brown Flecked Cotton Band & Vintage Twine Around The Crown. The Crown Has A Large Pin With Hand Spun Yarn And Subtle Tribal Markings On One Side And The Brim is Flame Distressed. This Hat Has Been Hand Shaped Into The Classic Teardrop Shape And The Brim is Flat. The Interior Has 100% Calf Leather Sweatband in Hazelnut Brown And The Lining is 100% Pure Italian Silk With Our Signature Bird Feature. All Handcrafted From Start To Finish. 

- Handmade in Australia

- All Hats Are Made To Order, Ethically, Sustainably And Slowly. Not Mass Produced. No Conveyer Belt Fashion. No Sweatshop Production